COVID-19 Day 2: 15 Mar 2020

It feels a bit like the calm before the storm today. Michelle went to the grocery story to grab some things I hadn’t thought of. I went to Lowe’s for some electrical to replace a light in the downstairs closet. Other than that, NBD. Dogs were out playing, we planned how our days will look in the coming weeks, and we did a lot of news monitoring.

The news was pretty slow today, some articles about Trump’s bungled response, but not a whole lot of new info until around dinner. Governor Baker held a press conference where he restricted gatherings to 25 people or fewer, closed as schools for 3 weeks (instead of the 2 that most had self-imposed), restricted all restaurants from dine-in eating, and a few other new restrictions.

On a Federal level, key interest rates were slashed to Zero and the CDC is recommending not grouping larger than 50 for the next 8 weeks. All of this would normally be huge news, but really today seems like a slow news day after the last few.

I’ll have a conference call at 7AM to see if we can come up with a plan to have some sort of business continuity while keeping the spirit of the Governor’s new restrictions. No one is really sure what we’re supposed to be doing or how to keep safe while also continuing to keep the company running. Now would be a good time for more solid guidance for small businesses. Until then, we’re on our own.

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